KAISAI heat pump

Economical way of producing domestic hot water

KAISAI air source heat pump water heater is an energy-saving device designed to heat domestic hot water in residential buildings, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and workshops. The unit can also be used as a cooling source for rooms such as pantries, server rooms and technical rooms.

Due to the fact that the heat pump uses a free source of heat which is air, the cost of producing hot water through it is up to 80% lower than using traditional heat sources such as electric boilers. The device is also an excellent alternative to solar collectors because, unlike them, it heats the water all year round and at all times, not just on sunny days.

Those looking for energy efficient and innovative replacement for traditional and costly water heater, should be interested in a reliable low cost KAISAI brand solution. KAISAI  heat pump stands out  by high energy efficiency (class A) and has a favorable COP of 3.5.

High heat transfer efficiency and adequate pressure output provide an external heat exchanger in the form of a micro coil tube in direct contact with the water tank. KAISAI’s heat pump uses adaptive control of the electronic expansion valve, whose opening angle is adjusted automatically according to the operating conditions of the device.

Heat pump has a powerful compressor designed for high temperature operation and high pressure. The water tank is made of high quality stainless steel and its anti-corrosion properties are further enhanced by the use of magnesium anode. The device has antifreeze and automatic defrost functions that solve the problem of icing and frosting of the exchanger. In the event of a drop in pump performance due to low air intake temperatures, the built-in electric heater can be switched on.

The intuitive extended wired controller gives users the choice of five hot water, SAVE, PRESET, NIGHT and ELECTRIC HEATING modes. The set temperature range is from 35 ° C to 70 ° C.

It is worth noting that the R134a eco-refrigerant used in the KAISAI pump does not pollute the air and does not pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, thus ensuring the safety of the device.

The unit can operate automatically, without the need for supervision, and a suitable place for its installation can be eg a garage, storage or cellar.