New ECO HOME heat pumps from KAISAI

The KAISAI product range now includes new ECO HOME split-type air to water heat pumps. The elegant appearance and quiet operation make these heat pumps suitable for heating systems in single-family houses, as well as commercial and service facilities.

The KAISAI ECO HOME heat pump is a multifunctional split-type device for the heating or cooling of buildings, and generation of domestic hot water (DHW). The pump is fitted with an inverter compressor and electric heaters which help the device operate efficiently at low outside temperatures. The excellent energy efficiency of the ECO HOME heat pumps is confirmed by high COPs of up to 4.5 and the energy rating of A++.

Thanks to its outstanding operating parameters, the ECO HOME pump is suitable for any region of Poland, both the in the case of underfloor, radiator and fan coil heating. The first crucial advantage is the wide range of operating parameters at outside temperatures ranging from -20 to 45°C. The second important factor is the supply temperature of the heating system, which in the cooling mode reaches a minimum of 7°C, and in the heating mode – a maximum of 55°C. In addition, the electronic controller supports the following functions: holidays, quiet operation, operation of the solar collector and the disinfection mode of the hot water tank.

The KAISAI ECO HOME heat pumps are available in 4 nominal capacities of 8, 10, 12 and 14 kW, with the 12 and 14 kW models being 3-phase units.