KAISAI Inverter units

KAISAI Inverter condensing units have a control module for the connection of a universal outdoor inverter to an exchanger from the central ventilation. This system uses expandable elements which are built-in to the outdoor unit, so there is no need for additional valves. This solution enables the smooth control of the cooling air conditioning system.


  • Innovative design of the heat exchanger
  • Reinforced housing
  • Modern, high efficiency compressor
  • Module control of the condensing unit requires 0-10 V input signal from the automatic ventilation


Technical Details

  • Average cooling capacity : 5,3 – 16,1 kW
  • Average heating capacity: 5,7 – 18,2 kW
  • Maximum pipe length: 30 – 65 m
  • Maximum height difference: 20 – 30m
  • SCOP rating: 4,0
  • SEER rating: 5,6 – 6,1