Reliable quality at an affordable price

The KAISAI range comprises innovative and reliable products which guarantee comfort of use and meet all expectations related to the specific nature of the HVACR market. KAISAI solutions are addressed to both business clients and end-users.

The KAISAI product range consists of devices from the RAC sector (including wall mounted air conditioning units fitted with a Wi-Fi module as standard) and the CAC sector (including Multi Split, cassette, duct, as well as floor and ceiling air conditioners), in addition to portable air conditioners, heat pumps and air curtains.

All KAISAI units comply with expectations linked to environmental protection, safety, energy-efficiency, noise reduction, comfort of use and warranty.

Thanks to long-term technological investments, KAISAI units are considered one of the most advanced air conditioning system solutions designed for use in both public and residential buildings.

The INVERTER TECHNOLOGY used in KAISAI air conditioning units lowers energy consumption, which reduces room air conditioning costs. Moreover, the converter technology contributes to noise reduction and accelerates the reaching of the desired temperature of the room.

KAISAI products incorporate numerous FUNCTIONS to upgrade their COMFORT of use, and additional controller functionalities which make operating the air conditioning systems highly enjoyable.

The Wi-Fi MODULE, which is fitted as standard, guarantees convenient system control by means of an application installed on a mobile device (phone or tablet). As a result, the working parameters of a device can be controlled both day and night from anywhere in the world.

All KAISAI devices are environmentally friendly, as evidenced by their energy efficiency and their compliance with the provisions of the EU Action Plan 20/20/20, as well as the guidelines for air conditioning included in the Ecodesign Directive (ErP).

R32 REFRIGERANT, which is being introduced to KAISAI units, features a low global warming potential. Consequently, this refrigerant is not only environmentally-friendly, but it also complies with the applicable European legislative requirements.

STATE OF THE ART FILTERS ensure that the air in the conditioned room is always clean and fresh. The filters trap even the smallest dust particles, bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, thoroughly purifying and refreshing the air.

The solutions used in the air conditioning units which aim at increasing their ENERGY-EFFICIENCY enable the saving of 80% in energy consumption with selected functions.

The key advantage of the KAISAI products is their affordable price, which in combination with the reliable technology used makes the range exceptionally attractive both to commercial and individual clients.

KAISAI EUROPE, which belongs to KLIMA-THERM Capital Group, is the exclusive importer of the devices. The company offers private label products from the HVACR sector, which are addressed to both business and individual clients. KLIMA-THERM is the exclusive distributor of KAISAI products.