FG Poland company is expanding its product offer by adding two new models of the most popular KAISAI GOLD air curtain series.

In response to market demand, two GOLD air curtain models with the electric heater will be introduced to the KAISAI offer. The first model with 100 cm width is equipped with two-stage electric heater with maximum power of 3,5 kW and supplied with 230V voltage. The second device features new dimensions and its width is 120 cm that often fits the door openings in many commercial objects.

New devices, same as the whole GOLD series, will be controlled with the wireless controller that enables fan speed and heating capacity adjustment. All controller functions can be executed also from the control panel placed on the curtain casing.

As a result of offer expansion, the KAISAI GOLD air curtain line-up contains eight models, including devices with the electric heater in four sizes and additional version supplied with 230V.

It is worth mentioning that the KAISAI air curtain offer, next to the GOLD series, includes also devices of the SILVER and PLATINUM series, that features advanced technical parameters, easy installation and high quality while ensuring a competitive price.

Check new offer of KAISAI GOLD air curtains with the electric heater!